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Our Mission
To provide a people-centered, complete pet care experience by treating people as we would like to be treated and their pets as our own.

Our Client Promise

We believe the Golden Rule should apply to our work serving people and their pets, to treat you as we would want to be treated and to treat your pets as our own.

Therefore, our mission is to provide a people-centered, complete pet-care experience, delivered by a team of compassionate, friendly, and reliable professionals that constantly strive to meet and exceed your expectations for value and service.

We understand that the pet care experience can be stressful at times due to constraints on finances, time, and in some cases, the pressure associated with an uncertain outcome.

Therefore, we promise that we will present our products and services in a manner that provides you with clear and complete information, makes you aware of all options, and strives to keep you in control of decisions related to the care of your pet, while also providing honest and open communication regarding all costs and fees. We will do our very best to maintain our appointment schedule and treat your time as valuable while also making the experience as convenient as possible for you and your pet.

Finally, we believe that honest feedback is invaluable in allowing us to continue to improve and keep our promise to you both now and in the future.

We welcome your comments and invite you to share those comments, whether positive or negative, with any member of our team at any time.